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Little Angel Theatre Puppet Making Summer Term 2017

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Puppetry is an exciting way to explore the curriculum in a creative and imaginative way!

Here’s how you can link puppetry to your topic or curriculum

  • Making and using puppets helps pupils to connect with a character and feeds into their writing (English/Writing)
  • Using puppets they have made to explore stories and scenarios is an exciting way to inspire writing and encourages speaking (English/Writing/Speaking)
  • Speaking through a puppet they have made inspires confidence in even the most reluctant speaker (English/Speaking)
  • Puppet making is a craft and children will learn new skills and explore their creativity through the process of designing and making a puppet (Art and Design)
  • Puppet making involves designing and making a purposeful, functional creation and can be evaluated to test it’s functionality and appeal to an audience (Design and Technology)
  • Depending on the type of puppets you make you can also link puppetry with history, topics, science and R.E.

In School Workshops – Bring your lessons to life with one of our puppet making workshops!

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