News / JOB – Supply Teacher, Zen Educate – Earn More. Better than agencies.

JOB – Supply Teacher, Zen Educate – Earn More. Better than agencies.

Supply teacher? Many creative people in London enjoy the flexibility of supply teaching, allowing them to continue focusing on their creatvie practices.


  • Are you tired of endless phone calls and negotiations with agencies?
  • Did you get to school expecting one thing only to find out they’re expecting something completely different?
  • Are you annoyed by the negotiations with recruiters pretending to be your friends?

Take back control of your own schedule, earn more and set your own subject and schedule preferences on Zen Educate’s online platform.

Get daily supply teaching requests directly from schools without the phone calls, negotiations and fees of agencies.

Using the platform you can:

  • Highlight your strongest skills
  • Set your own preferences for the work you are interested in
  • Get supply teaching requests from schools who are interested in your profile
  • See details about the schools sending you requests
  • Earn more for each day you work as there are no agency fees
  • Be in full control of your schedule, where you work and what you do

We are looking for more excellent supply teachers that want to work with a primary and secondary schools in Central London.

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