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Joan, Babs and Shelagh Too – the Joan Littlewood story

Joan Littlewood  is on the national curriculum and as the mother of modern British theatre she deserves to be know by this generation.   The show brings this revolutionary theatre directoScreen Shot 2016-01-26 at 03.31.43r to life.

Joan, Babs  & Shelagh Too reveals Joan’s personality and struggles through showing some of her pivotal moments.  It is a fast paced, political piece of theatre with multi-roling and a Variety style of performance.

The Babs is Barbara Windsor and the Shelagh is Shelagh De Laney.  It can accompany further study or stand alone.

It is suitable for over 14’s.

This one-woman show is relevant to Citizenship and History as well.

Joan only worked collaboratively and democratically.  She strongly believed that the working class were as able as the ruling class and she stood up for them.

Historically the production spans 80 years, starting in 1914 at the onset of World War 1 and finishing just beyond The Fun Palaces, which are now only just being realized.

The director is the Olivier Award winning Oliver Senton and the actor is Gemskii who won the Baraldi prize at Joan’s acting school, East 15.


Joan and her company had many firsts including: gay and black characters in central plot positions, contemporizing Shakespeare, music as scenery, colloquial dialects,  she is also credited with bringing down censorship and starting the soap opera.


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