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Citizenship Skills

communicationThis is a highly effective bespoke service.  We have been delivering it in the corporate sector with field leaders for 7 years.

Now i deliver in educational settings because tomorrow’s worker should be taught today.

There are a range of tasks to choose from and they test and teach effective and precise communication, listening and acceptance, the importance of planning before action as well as, what the individual has to yield in order to be a successful team member.

Activities are suitable for silent shapes 2all ages because they vary in degree of sophistication.

Apart from students these activities can form ideal content for staff training days. 

As this is a bespoke service: you buy on an exercise by exercise basis.  We discuss your training needs and provide several activities for you to choose from.  All of them are challenging and great fun.

pit stop


We are flexible with location as well, for example this activity ‘Pit Stop’ we conducted on a Spanish Beach with 103 participants!

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