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Conor Scully

Conor Scully is a qualified architectural designer and lecturer he is working on a variety of projects through his London practice, including a 250 sq.m mixed-use office building in Kings Cross that is currently under construction. His other works include a major exhibition in the Venice Biennale and running an international student-led design workshop to create a women’s centre in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

    Over the past 6 years I have watched Conor Scully move from strength to strength with our company. As architectural consultant, Conor has excelled under increasing responsibilities. Introduced through a friend in May 2010, he was first given basic assignments throughout my businesses, including the redevelopment and designing of our hostel, Keystone House Hostel. Although the work was varied and his skills were stretched in the tasks that he was given, I think it is important to stress that Conor rose to the challenge consistently, learning quickly, asking relevant questions and meeting my expectations.
    Robin Norris, Keystone

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