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Islington is a creative powerhouse; arts and culture are at its heart. We want to harness and promote the energy and ideas of the creative sector, building meaningful networks that enable the borough’s organisations and individuals to fulfill their creative potential.

At Creative Islington it’s taking part that counts – we’ll grow and flourish in direct proportion to the involvement and activities of our members. We’re more interested in being told than doing the telling; we want to make sure that the creative connections that are the lifeblood of the community are encouraged and strengthened.

We’re proud of the diversity and quality of the area’s creative output and we want to shout about it. As well as providing a forum for sharing ideas and resources, Creative Islington also wants to ensure that residents and visitors have the information they need to make the most of what Islington has to offer.

Funded by Islington Council, Creative Islington is an independent, not for profit company limited by guarantee.



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