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Charley Jones

My name is Charley I Alan Islington based artist. I facilitate workshops in creative arts. Combining the artform of Capoeira (Afro-Brazilian art form) with music and visual arts. The workshops are a wonderful experience tailored for all ages. Capoeira is an artform with community at its core combining music and movement to inspire healthy living community cohesion and inspiring people of all ages . We hope to offer our workshops to schools, community groups and organisations.

    An incredible workshop for the children. With a few key props and ethnic instruments, the children were transported to the Rainforest. Every single child was completely captivated and enthused by the experience. An authentic taste of dance, culture, folklore and imagination. Capoeira has something for every child to enjoy and learn from the experience. I would thoroughly recommend a workshop to everybody.
    Graham Plato, Coldfall Primrary School

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