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Angel Shed Theatre Company

Angel Shed is an inclusive theatre company that delivers high-quality workshops and productions with disadvantaged children and young people in Islington. Angel Shed’s vision is that every child, regardless of disability, income or background, be given the opportunity to participate in the performing arts. As a fully inclusive theatre, all our workshops have a 1:2 ratio of practitioner to participant, enabling every child, whatever their ability, to be fully supported to achieve their very best.

    Angel Shed is an amazing company who provide outstanding drama workshops for local children of all abilities. They are highly regarded as a company not only for the outstanding quality of their work but also for their inclusive approach to working with children.

    It is a delight to see how they marry ability and disability in their brilliant and creative performances. These inspire and address everyday issues which bring meaning and a breath of fresh air in dealing with human plights.

    Many of our children attend Angel Shed and the impact of their work enables our children to aspire and look to a brighter future and this is a fundamental building block to our children's development.

    We love their work and more importantly so do our children.
    Nitsa Sergides, Headteacher, Grafton Primary School


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